Be organized - Notion Template

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📊 Ready to supercharge your productivity and achieve more in less time?

Our “Be organized” Template is the game-changer you've been waiting for. Whether you're a professional, student, or anyone with a mission to conquer, this template is your path to success.

What's Inside:

🌞 Daily Routines: Start your day with a winning routine. Set and track daily tasks to kickstart your mornings and maintain peak productivity all day long.

Weekly Routines: Seamlessly organize your week with structured routines. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to order and efficiency.

📆 Monthly Routines: Keep your long-term goals in sight. Develop monthly routines that keep you on track for personal and professional success.

🔍 Review Widget: Always stay on track with a little widget telling you how far you’ve come in your routines.

🌐 Per Life Areas To-Do List: Balance your life areas effortlessly. Manage tasks for different aspects of your life, from work to health to personal development.

🔄 Multiple Views of Your To-Do List: Customize your workspace with different views of your to-do list. From Kanban boards to calendar views, it's all about what works best for you.

Quick Add Buttons: Instantly add tasks or new days. Don't let anything slip through the cracks; our quick-add buttons keep you on top of your game.

🚀 Why Choose Our Template:

  • Unparalleled productivity
  • Organization made simple
  • Long-term success within reach
  • Fully customizable to fit your unique style
  • Ideal for anyone looking to boost productivity

☀ Ready to experience a productivity transformation?

Our “Be organized” Notion Template is your ticket to a more efficient, effective, and empowered life.


What is Notion ?

Notion is a all-in-one productivity app that allows you to organize every singe aspect of your life. It’s a digital workspace, notes, databases, and project manager all in one place. And is fully customisable.

What are Notion templates ?

Notion templates are pre-designed pages that you can import into your Notion workspace. It helps you save time on pages creation.

Does it work with Notion free plan?

Yes. This template will work on any Notion plan.

How will I access the product once I buy it ?

After the purchase, you’ll receive a mail with a link. Once you click on that link the template appears. To add it to your Notion workspace, hit the “Duplicate” button on the top right of the screen.

Can I share this template?

You can't share it with other individuals.

Can I get a refund?

There is a no-refund and no-exchange policy on this since it's a digital product.

How can I contact you if I have questions ?

You can write me at or on X at taniadoesnotion.

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I want this!

You'll get the "Be organized" template with it's explanation guide : daily,weekly and monthly routines, review widget, daily and weekly to-do's.


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Be organized - Notion Template

8 ratings
I want this!